Lesson #4

Keys for living a successful life.

1. Always, follow your dreams. Have a lot of things to prove to myself, that I can live my life fearsely.  We have to have some type of dream and it goes beyond preventing us from having the job we don’t want, means the makes things and life worth living.  At the same time this would help you meet other dreams and people that are excited about pursuing their dreams.  This way you would be surrounded by high achievers.  I believe as well you become a reference model, and inspiration to others to keep moving and fighting for their dreams.

2. Grown your mind. A mind that’s a stretch by new experiences, can never go back to it-s old dimensions.  Our best comes from challenges and new posibilites in life.  Learn, read, do, things that are purposeful.  It’s important to grow our mindset to break our fixed mindset.

3. Share your talents, our talents and habilites are used to served and help others.  Don’t dimm your lights.

4. Find friends that inspire you, spend lot of time with them and they would change your life.  Bring ways that never thought would happen. We would have more fun in our life.

5. Take care of your body, the best is the only place you have to live. No other place is where we live and we must take care of it, create new strategies to be better, to take care, healthy, nutrient and better. Fill the body with positivity. Move and sweat, mobile, flexible, and limber.

6. Live in gratitud.  The foundation of all abundance, be great for what you already have. Look for what you appreciate of, and the ones you don’t start.  Find good in the people that frustrated. 

7. Be a service to others, nobody has become poor by giving.